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Episode 12

Guest: Ashley Mackinnon @consciouscoparent- TikTok'n ToddlerMom, Support and Strategist for High Conflict CoParenting and Ambassador @coparentingcollective. 
Long time no talk mamas! Chelsey & Shelbi have a candid intro followed by a chat with local Milf Ashley Mackinnon of @theconciouscoparent. Ashley is mom to almost 2 year old Paige & a hilarious TikTok Mom where she uses humour to find the funny in everyday mundane mom life, and the ups and downs of co-parenting. Ashley shares her journey from the fear around separating, to learning how to co-parent, and in finding new love with her new partner (this is the best part of the story!) 
Our interview with Ashley is a great listen for anyone who is on their own co-parenting journey and looking for support, and also great for any mom to listen to as we learned a lot about how we can help support this parents in our community who do take on this role. Regardless of who you are, you should follow her on instagram & TikTok because she is HILARIOUS and will bring a smile to your day! 

Episode 11

Our first episode has reached (over) 1000 downloads!!

Pop the champagne, drop the balloons, light the fireworks, pump the up the music. It may not be a big deal to some, but to us it is. Starting out this podcast as our pandemic project and it has turned into something so much bigger. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to our devoted listeners and allowing us into your ears to share all our random, ridiculous, topical and heartwarming topics. We truly appreciate you! 

Guest: Cassandra Boom @cassandrablooms- Speaker,Blogger, and Personal Development Enthusiast.

Cassandra wears many many hats and we talk about all of them, ie: Speaker, Blogger, Personal Development Enthusiast, Podcast Host, Social Media Ninja , Raising a bilingual household all while being a Mama and Wife. Oh and slaying the 4 hour work week and crushing a 2 hour nap daily. This woman is seriously GOALS, GOALS, GOALS. She’s an open book and a self proclaimed ‘over sharer’, we learn why these are our ‘superpowers’. What’s yours? You may also pick up on some of her ‘secrets to success’  while she divulges a couple tidbits on her journey for work life balance. It's all about #lifehacking baby!

Episode 10

Guest: Renee Reina PhD Phychology, TikTok Famous and avid blogger.

During these “unprecedented” time’s we’ve stumbled upon a fellow Milf via TikTok. Yup we said TikTok. We chat with Renee Reina about her TIkTok fame and how her unfiltered way of parenting took the video-sharing social media platform by storm. We also jump into her PhD in psychology and the dreaded “he who shall not be named” Mom Guilt.

To which we say : Mom Guilt, Shmom Guilt! Let’s enter into a judgement free parenting zone and embrace this wild journey together. Everyone needs mom friends! Looking for some solidarity this week? We’ve got you covered.

Don’t forget, there ain’t no hood like motherhood! 

Episode 9

Guest: Erika Matkovich - "The Maternal Sidekick", Postpartum Doula and 2X Surrogate.

*TRIGGER WARNING - This episode includes sensitive subject matter related to fertility and labour.*

We hope you all had a great Father’s Day and weren’t too sweaty! It’s been a couple sweltering days and as we enter into STAGE 2 of the COVID Quarters what are your thoughts? Expanding your bubble? Keeping your bubble tight? Are you finally getting to make those self-care appointments that we all so desperately need!?. I know we are! This week we set off into unchartered territory with all thing’s surrogacy; we chat Erika Matkovich’s ear off with burning questions around such a selfless act that she has now done TWICE. Like actually, she’s Mother Theresa. Could you carry a baby for someone else? What are all the logistics around this incredible act of kindness? We can’t wait for you to hear this candid, down-to-earth convo with this saint of a human!


Episode 8

This week’s podcast took an unexpected turn for us. Given the current climate we have decided to switch gears a little, upon reflection we have dedicated this episode to the empowerment and support of an important narrative. Going forward we will be taking further steps to be inclusive, encourage diversity and engage our mosaic community to the best of our white privileged abilities.


Episode 7

Guest: Jo Gale - Movement Educator [Good Body Feel] & Wellness Advocate

Coming to you amidst a sweaty heatwave this week, Shelbi & Chelsey have a lighthearted convo with local badass mama & human @jogale.moves. Jo is a local movement educator & wellness advocate who preaches about how topics of diet culture and physical movement are much more than embracing ‘body positivity’.  Jo teaches at local studio @goodbodyfeel and is teaching virtual pay what you can classes multiple times a week! If you’ve been to a class you know how cathartic & amazing they really are (scream squats anyone??)
Like many mamas in our community Jo relocated to #hamont from TO,  and we chat about that transition. We talk about how we have had to PIVOT  basically all aspects of our lives amidst our new realities, and about some of our fave things in Hamilton, motherhood woes, & quarantine life. Tune in to hear a laid back fun chat and be sure to follow @jogale.moves if you love her mission & movement style as much as we do!

Episode 6

 Guest: Cassandra Lyons Laurin - An Adoption Story

Get ready for all the feels as we dive into this beautiful adoption story. We talk process, terminology and having the strength to persevere through whatever obstacles stand in your way. Cass opens up about her fertility heartbreaks and an ongoing battle with a severe case of endometriois. We also jump into virtual teaching strategies, our trash reality TV obsessions, and all-around love for RuPaul’s Drag Race.  PURSE FIRST LADIES!

Episode 5

The DILF Edition: A Quarantine Couples Q+A.

So we decided to spice things up! Join MILF Co-host Chelsey O’Callaghan and her hubby Sean for some silly questions with real silly answers. Do you sleep with the closet door open or closed? What is your spirit animal? Do you sing in the shower? During these trying times it’s important to remember to laugh, connect and check-in with each other. And if your partner is around why not answer with us! We really hope you enjoy!

Episode 4

Guest: Kailey Crowther - VBAC Warrior Woman

Buckle up, this one's a long one, but soo worth the listen! In honour of Maternal Mental Health Week and Mothers Day, this episode is all things birth-related, whether you’re a new mom, expecting mom or relate to mom life this is the episode for you! Listen in as we candidly talk about pregnancy, birth, and living through the “4th Trimester”. And above all else....


Episode 3

Guest: Chelsea Roshko - OG Hamilton Mama and Cowbell Brewing Territory Manager

How was your Easter? It was definitely one for the books! Can I get a Tik Tok tutorial? -- wait, are we cool moms? What is your dream job? Can't wait for those summer time patio drinks? Neither can we! Find out Hamilton's best patios and ultimate restaurant vibes! Real talk, real struggles and no filters. Hang in there mamas! We're all in this together.

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