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Episode 9

June 22, 2020

Guest: Erika Matkovich - "The Maternal Sidekick", Postpartum Doula and 2X Surrogate.

*TRIGGER WARNING - This episode includes sensitive subject matter related to fertility and labour.*

We hope you all had a great Father’s Day and weren’t too sweaty! It’s been a couple sweltering days and as we enter into STAGE 2 of the COVID Quarters what are your thoughts? Expanding your bubble? Keeping your bubble tight? Are you finally getting to make those self-care appointments that we all so desperately need!?. I know we are! This week we set off into unchartered territory with all thing’s surrogacy; we chat Erika Matkovich’s ear off with burning questions around such a selfless act that she has now done TWICE. Like actually, she’s Mother Theresa. Could you carry a baby for someone else? What are all the logistics around this incredible act of kindness? We can’t wait for you to hear this candid, down-to-earth convo with this saint of a human!